From the series SC 152–152F, mini flexidiscs, 1973, 15 x 40 cm

Issued as a set of seven in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black and in various sizes, the talking stamps were in fact miniature phonograph records. Constructed of a normal adhesive back and a flexidisc-like front, the stamps featured audio recordings of folk songs, the Royal Bhutan Anthem, the history of Bhutan in Bhutanese and the history of Bhutan as told in English by Mr Burt Kerr Todd himself. In a voice straight out of a 1940s newsreel Todd reported on the geography, government and economics of the nation, describing the Bhutanese as “a strong and well-built race whose religion is Buddhism.”

(“Greetings from Bhutan,” Alex Klein, Dot Dot Dot #13, 2006)