Gerard Byrne, strip of photographs, 2006, 104.4 x 28.4 cm

Published in 1963 across two issues of Playboy’s interview section “1984 and Beyond” invited 12 science fiction writers — including Arthur C. Clarke (a regular contributor to Playboy’s fiction section) Robert Heinlein (author of Starship Troopers) and Rod Serling (creator of The Twilight Zone) — to talk about their visions of the future of society circa 1984. 42 years later, Gerard Byrne resurrected this article, editing it into a screenplay and re-enacting it with a group of actors in the Netherlands, reworking the piece in two stages, beginning with a live reading, which was developed into a subsequent film.

(“On 1984 and Beyond,” Emily Pethick, Dot Dot Dot #13, 2006)