Paulina Olowska, Edinburgh, 2001, each 23.5 x 31 cm

Bauhaus and Yoga, both utopian, embody simplicity and practicality of progress. Their main goal is reaching perfection as a balance of body and mind. Yoga, literally meaning “the union of the mind and body,” is a demanding discipline. Potential benefits of Yoga include strengthened and toned muscles, improved digestion and circulation and decreased fatigue. Bauhaus formed in 1919 in Weimar aiming to transform everyday lifestyle, to create an environment that would satisfy man’s spiritual, as well as material, needs. Bauhaus Yoga wants to grasp the past and present utopias by re-examining them, romanticising them, and thereby building a new future based on resemblance and mutual attraction.

(“Bauhaus Yoga,” Paulina Olowska, Dot Dot Dot #6, 2003)