Previous issues of the print editions of The Serving Library’s journals have been collections of individual “bulletins” loosely bound by a common theme, each of which is then also made available to download for free here on the website. The Serving Library Annual 2019/20 is different: it exclusively comprises the first English translation of the late Italian polymath Bruno Munari’s Codice ovvio (Obvious code). The Italian original was published by Einaudi in 1971, then republished by Corraini in 2017. We are hugely grateful to both publishers, and to the estate of Bruno Munari, for their permission and support. 

In the print edition, the main space is occupied by pages from the original Codice Ovvio, rebuilt with an English translation of the original text. Due to existing copyrights we are unable to publish these online, so here in its digital Bulletin form we offer the marginalia by other contributors along with an invitation to purchase the full version here.
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